I have learned so many remarkable things from the incredible women that come to me for my expertise. They share their life experiences with me and I am so grateful for their trust. I am going to share with you why I incorporate dermaplaning into my health and wellness plan for my skin and the skin of my clients. Early in my career I was in consultation with a very beautiful woman I thought to be in her early 50’s. She had not revealed her birthdate during consultation, as many choose not to. As I was explaining dermaplaning to her, she politely listened, then shared with me her secret. To my surprise she was not in her early 50’s. She was 65.  Clearly, she appeared to me to be 10 years younger than her chronological age. She continued to reveal that, while living in Japan, she was introduced to facial shaving. She shared with me the barely known fact; Japanese women shave their face regularly and, historically, have done so since the 16th century. To my surprise, she had been shaving her face daily for twenty years. Her skin was delicate and had exquisite texture and color.  She was delighted with the idea of having her face dry shaved professionally.

Christina Carlino, a mentor, friend and the past CEO of Biomedic Clinical Care, now La Roche Posey, introduced me to dermaplaning in 1991. Dermaplaning is the third step in Biomedic’s trademarked Micropeel.

As I researched this topic on line, I found that there were several other names for this technique; “Clinical Skin Resurfacing Facial Exfoliation” and “Razor Facial.” I know it simply as dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning is a mechanical exfoliation as opposed to using chemicals or lasers.  With the steady hand of a trained practitioner, a sterile # 10 – Teflon coated surgical steel blade is attached to a # 3 knife handle.  It is held by the practitioner at a 45-degree angle and then the magic begins.  The guided blade gently scrapes across the skin’s dry surface removing dead skin cells, superficial pigmentation and unwanted facial hair.

In a clinical environment, dermaplaning is a very effective procedure by itself or can be combined with other modalities such as Vibradermabrasion, acid peels, BBL, LASER, LED and others in order to enhance efficacy.  Stripping away the dead, uneven stratum corneum from the epidermis removes the barrier and allows for maximum penetration of active ingredients.  Dermaplaning promotes cellular turnover and stimulates collagen and elastin. Immediately post-treatment the skin feels smooth, appears luminous, fine lines seem to disappear and make up glides on with ease.

Contrary to what many believe, dermaplaning does not encourage the abnormal growth of hair.  If the hair is soft, light and furry it will not grow back thick, coarse and dark.

For the past 19 years I have been shaving my face and the faces of those who seek my expertise. I will continue to offer this treatment for many years to come.