“Is there anything I can do to reshape my nose so it looks softer and less prominent. Also, I would like to breathe better.”

Reshaping the nose is called rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is typically performed for patients who have a nose that is too large for their face or have an enlarged nasal bone or hump deformity. Many patients also have an enlarged or wide nasal tip or a droopy or unsupported nasal tip. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can make your nose look smaller, softer and well proportioned to fit your face.

Patients who have breathing trouble may either have a deviated septum or a collapsed nasal valve. These issues, which are sometimes covered by insurance, can be corrected at the same time for an overall improved nose that breathes, functions and looks great.

Did You Know…

Some parts of a rhinoplasty procedure may be covered by insurance. If you have any difficulty breathing caused by a deviated septum or a closed or depressed nasal valve, this may be something your insurance may cover. Insurance does not cover anything that changes the cosmetic appearance of the nose. Because both functional and cosmetic procedures can often be performed at the same setting, an insurance benefit can greatly reduce the overall cost of your rhinoplasty procedure.

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